Reunions and Events

Add us to your social calendar

Throughout the year there are many events happening at the college, which as an Alumni Cambria member, will be free for you to attend. You can also volunteer at our open events, talking to prospective students and their parents about your post-college career.


Connect with fellow members

Networking has, and always will be, an important skill to master. As a member of Alumni Cambria there are many ways you can connect with fellow alumni members, such as upcoming networking events or digitally through the Alumni Cambria LinkedIn group.

Share your Story Digitally

Your story is inspiring: Tell it

We're always looking for past students to tell us their story and inspire the next generation of learners. If you would like to feature as a case study on our website and pushed through our social media channels then click the link and fill in our quick questionnaire.


Your experience is invaluable: Share it

Becoming a mentor is a great way to provide career guidance to mentees (current students) who would like support and advice by someone who has the professional experience and knowledge to help guide them on their way. That someone could be you.

As a registered member of Alumni Cambria there is a whole host of ways you can help inspire prospective and current students to succeed.

Whether it is guest speaking at a Coleg Cambria event, being a case study on our website or providing a valuable work experience placement, you can be involved as much or as little as you want.

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Guest Speaking Opportunities

Inspire, motivate and encourage

As a member of Alumni Cambria, you will have the opportunity to guest speak and share your unique career story at various college events to help inspire our students as they work towards their own career dreams and provide valuable insights to life after college.

One of the best parts about being an Alumni Cambria member is being able to share your post-college story and success to the next generation of learners.

​​Provide a Work Experience Opportunity

A win-win for businesses and learners

A work placement is a great way for our students to experience real responsibility in the work environment and to help nurture their self-confidence. For businesses, it is a great way to help develop the workforce of the future, raise profiles and discover new talent.